EMBA Elite Spotlight: Paul Mongeon

This week we will be posting our first EMBA Elite Spotlight. These articles will help share more about the EMBA program at The University of Alabama from an insider’s point of view, as well as some EMBA alumni and student success stories.


Our first student spotlight is Paul Mongeon, a member of the Tuscaloosa EMBA class of 2014. Paul is originally from Beulah, North Dakota, but has lived in Mississippi for the past 15 years. He has been married for 12 years, has two kids, and works as the Engineering Manager at North American Coal Red Hills Mine in Ackerman, MS. Paul is a current EMBA student at UA, and is preparing for the upcoming international trip to Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru in February, as well as his graduation from the EMBA program in May.

Paul has an undergrad degree in civil engineering from North Dakota State University. His favorite book is Good to Great by Jim Collins, and he is currently reading up on South American culture to prepare for the international trip.

Balancing work, family, and graduate school is always a concern when considering an EMBA degree. As a father, husband, and engineering manager for his company, Paul Mongeon had the same concerns. “I have always enjoyed business, and I realized there is never a good time to go back to school,” Paul said.


Pictured: Paul Mongeon (right) with classmate Jason Cochran (left)

One of Paul’s favorite EMBA team stories involves the negotiations class. “It started with an easy negotiation and ended up with two groups upset with each other because of a communication problem!” According to Paul, communication is vital when participating in the EMBA program. “My advice to someone starting the EMBA program is to communicate to everyone that you will be changing your life – so expect a major transformation!”

Paul defines success as learning and teaching as much as possible and says that the best business advice he has ever received was to live below your means. “I honestly think the negotiations class has changed my life the most. The skills I learned in this class have helped me deal with many difficult situations without unneeded stress.  I learned to never be caught without a backup plan and always anticipate tactics that others will use in negotiations.”

Check back for more spotlights on current EMBA students and alumni! For more information about the EMBA program at UA, visit emba.ua.edu.


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