UA EMBAs Arrive in Santiago

UA EMBAs enjoying the Los Artisan Fair in Santiago, Chili.

UA EMBAs enjoying the Los Artisan Fair in Santiago, Chili.

The Executive MBA Class of 2014 at The University of Alabama arrived in Santiago, Chile to begin their seven day international trip. The trip is a required part of their Global Strategy course taught in their final semester.

The international trip began today and will continue on to Lima, Peru. Today 53 students, alumni, faculty, staff and guests did a sightseeing tour of Chile and had a welcome dinner to kick off their visit.

The EMBA class toured the National Cathedral, La Moneda (the Presidential Palace) and the Los Artisan Fair. The students learned a little about Chilean history and politics. They also shopped for lapis lazuli, art work and sampled the local cuisine.

The students will be visiting 10 companies, including Banco Estado, Proctor & Gamble, Marinetti, Subsole, and Vina Veramonte in Chile. In Peru the students will meet with the Central Bank of Peru, Clinica Ricardo Palma, Grupo Grana y Montero, Hunt Oil Peru and Compania de Minas Buenaventura.




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