The fruit demand worldwide is growing rapidly and Chile is uniquely positioned to satisfy the “growing” need. To the outsider, one may only think of Chilean wine and grapes, but in fact they are a major exporter of a plethora of fruits. We anticipate that they will leverage their position in this industry to become a new world leader.

The Chilean culture is one of service and hard work. The people appear to love their country and are committed to preserving the environment. They appreciate that a global economy exists and they are growing reliant on the global demand for goods and services. Their entrepreneurial spirit welcomes investment and ideas from around the world. Vast amounts of natural resources and an open business climate are also attractive features.

It is a long, slender, beautiful country that enjoys being surrounded by the Andes on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Because of the vast latitudinal space that Chile occupies, deserts exist in the North and the Patagonia in the south. This unique diversity of climate and landscape attracts tourists from all over the world – and for good reason.

– Marshall Liles, TEMBA 2014, The University of Alabama

Team: Flying Pachyderms

Sam Barall, Tim Brown, Ed Galvin, Josh McGill and Marshall Liles



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