EMBA Elite Spotlight Series: Nancy Acquavella


Nancy with the Yorktown Systems Group logo.

Nancy Acquavella is a business owner, an avid traveller, a wife, and the mother of three pups. With the flexibility of the Culverhouse College of Commerce Executive MBA Program, Nancy is able to fill her various roles as well as one more:  University of Alabama student. To Nancy, success is more than winning; it is about putting forth effort and taking a risk. “(Success is) going after your dreams with everything you have – if it doesn’t work out it isn’t failure, it is success because you tried,” Nancy said. From opening a company with her husband to earning her MBA while working full time, Nancy is definitely succeeding.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Old Dominion University, Nancy joined the entry-level workforce of a small New Jersey company. Dedication and guidance from her mentors drove her up the corporate ladder and into the executive position of Senior Vice President. Today, Nancy is Chief Administrative Officer and co-owner of Yorktown Systems Group, Inc., which she opened with her husband in 2008.

Inc 500

Nancy and her husband and co-owner, Bryan, with former Inc. 500 Ι 5000 President Bob LaPointe at the 2013 Inc. awards ceremony.

Yorktown Systems Group is a small business that is making an impact providing training, education, and management services to the government. After five years in operation, the company landed on the 2013 Inc. 500 Ι 5000 list with a ranking of 432 – fourth of all ranked Alabama companies and 35th in the government services industry. Nancy and her team conduct the company’s administrative procedures including customer service, human resources, contract management, and more.

Since Nancy’s position requires her to be involved in multiple areas of her company, she knows the value of her free time and chose to invest it into our Executive MBA program because of our convenient schedule and the well-known merit of  The University of Alabama. Nancy’s role as a small business owner gives her a unique opportunity to apply the expertise she gains in class as the program progresses. “I’ve been able to tailor the projects to specific issues we have at our business – so I’m not only learning the skills, but also utilizing them in real work issues to get answers and insight,” Nancy said.


Nancy with her husband, Bryan, and step-daughter, Kelsey, in front of Neuschwanstein Castle in southwest Bavaria, Germany.

There is no wondering where Nancy acquired her taste for travel – born on Christmas Day to Mary (Ann) and Joseph in Beijing, China, Nancy grew up between Bonn, Germany and Arlington, Virginia. Although she has visited at least 35 states as well as various locations in the Caribbean, Australia, and Europe, Nancy finds it difficult to single out the best destination. When asked to choose, Nancy responded, “My favorite destination in the US or abroad is the same – somewhere I’ve never been before. Any day in a new place is a fantastic adventure to me.” Nancy is in for a treat in the spring when she embarks on the annual International Trip with her classmates and the EMBA staff and faculty to The Republic of Panama and Colombia.


For more information about the Culverhouse College of Commerce Executive MBA Program, contact Cheryl Altemara at 205.348.4501 or fill out an interest form here.



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