Celebrating the EMBA Alumni Network’s First Year

2014-2015 UA EMBA Alumni Network President Kent Darzi, Director of Engineering at ADTRAN, Inc.

With elections for the Culverhouse College of Commerce Executive MBA Alumni Network board wrapping up on September 30 and his time as president drawing to a close, Kent Darzi, HEMBA 2010, proudly reflects on the Executive MBA Alumni Network’s initial year. “The EMBA Alumni Network provides an extensive system of support for alumni throughout the country, networking events, social gatherings for alumni and family and educational seminars,” said Darzi.  After building a solid foundation of logistics and infrastructure last year, Darzi is excited to see the UA EMBA Alumni Network continue to connect even more EMBAs and their families with each other and The University of Alabama.

Just like starting a business, chartering an organization demands a meticulous planning process. The founding Alumni Network Board litigated university permissions, bylaws, and other procedures, setting up the organization’s groundwork for years to come.

Kent Darzi with Tim Jett, TEMBA 2013, and Ben Paulk, TEMBA 2012, at the UA EMBA Alumni Network Tailgate

Not only did Darzi and the rest of the 2014 UA EMBA Alumni Network Board take care of the behind-the-scenes formalities, they also held multiple events, an EMBA Alumni Weekend last November, reunions in cities across Alabama, and a data mining session in Tuscaloosa. Darzi is most proud of the tailgate that the Alumni Network hosted at the Alabama vs. Southern Miss game a few weeks ago, which was the perfect finale to his tenure as president.

Darzi is proud of the accomplishments that the Alumni Network has achieved in its startup year, but he is even more excited to see where it goes from here. With 797 alumni across the country and the globe, there is only room to grow. His advice to the new president: keep expanding the network from the ground up by facilitating communication. Try to consider events that could bring the most alumni together. Plan around time zones to keep alumni active. While face-to-face interactions are the most desirable, communicating even when away from each other will only build alumni relationships. Take advantage of the chance to be creative now that the infrastructure is complete.

The newly elected 2015 UA Executive MBA Alumni Network Board will be announced in October and will be formally presented at the annual conference on November 1.

For more information about the Culverhouse College of Commerce Executive MBA, contact Cheryl Altemara at 205.348.4501 or request information here.

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