2015 National Champions Set An Example For Us All

01-11-16 MFB CFP National Championship vs Clemson Stuart Bell Chancellor Witt Bill Battle Terry Saban #19 Reggie Ragland Nick Saban #2 Derrick Henry #88 OJ Howard #4 Eddie Jackson #70 Ryan Kelly #14 Jake Coker Trophy Team Celebration Photo by Amelia B. Barton, Crimson Tide Photos/UA Athletics

2015 MFB CFP National Champions
Alabama Team Celebration. Photo by Amelia B. Barton, Crimson Tide Photos/UA Athletics

Roll Tide and Happy New Year to everyone.  What a wonderful way to kick off the new year with an exciting and remarkable season for Alabama Football…by far the best season I have seen to date and best National Championship game also.  Congratulations to our 2015 CFP National Champions the Crimson Tide.

As I was reflecting on this game and entire season, the familiar theme, a “tradition of excellence” kept ringing in my head. We see this focus on excellence in The University of Alabama’s many athletic and academic programs … but I was thinking what about a “what’s next?” part.

As an Alabama alumnus, I need to carry with me this tradition both at home and work. It is an honor to be the recipient of the many efforts and sacrifices of the University students, staff, faculty and benefactors who ensure that the University and its many “products” remain excellent. I take great pride in serving my University, but I am also aware there is much more I could be doing to be better.

I realize that completing the Executive MBA Program from an accomplished and highly recognized institution is no guarantee of success, but by striving for excellence in our everyday duties we increase our odds at exceeding our goals. My take-away from the 2015 Alabama football season is to constantly and relentlessly strive to become better and to focus on achieving excellence. We should translate the efforts we see from our remarkable student-athletes from the playing field to the boardroom, the workroom, the shop floor, and within our families. The students, alumni, faculty and staff are both a reflection of The University of Alabama as the University is a reflection of us and our legacies to our families, communities and to the world.

The outcome of this season (and Coach Saban’s frequent remark of this being a special team that following a one season loss made a commitment to do their job and finish) made me look more closely at their accomplishment and what we should want to achieve. The 2015 National Champions are an example to us all to continue working hard, to become better and to be relentless, especially when the circumstances surrounding us tempt us to take the easy road and put forth only a “good enough” effort. I hope their example inspires me and others for many years.  Roll Tide Roll!

DSC06249Roberto Carmona (TEMBA 2011)
(Roberto is Mechanical Reliability Lead with Ascend Performance Materials. He resides in Texas with his wife Patsy and daughter Valentina.)
For more information on The University of Alabama’s Executive MBA Program contact Cheryl Altemara at caltemara@cba.ua.edu or call 205.348.4501.
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