Paulk Reflects on Honor to Serve as President of the EMBA Alumni Network

Ben Paulk and Beckie Crawford at EMBA Alumni Conference & Business Analytics Symposium in October 2016.

Ben Paulk and Beckie Crawford at EMBA Alumni Conference & Business Analytics Symposium in October 2016.

As is often the case, whenever we stop to reflect on the past year, it seems to have gone by so fast. We rarely notice time as it is passing with all of the things going on in our busy lives. And so it is as the Culverhouse College of Commerce Executive MBA Alumni Network at The University of Alabama turns the page on another year.

Looking back, your board accomplished a lot. We held events, like the tailgate, lunches, and family day, where people got to network while having a great time. We contributed to continuing education by hosting our annual conference and participating in various activities with the University, including the Business Analytics Symposium. We have supported the development of the Executive MBA Program by recruiting exceptional prospective students and promoting a new endowed scholarship. We also welcomed our newest class of alumni in the spring.

It was an honor to serve as President of our EMBA Alumni Network, but it was a greater honor to work with your Board of Directors. Each person put forth a great effort to further the mission of the EMBA Alumni Network.

I want to especially thank Mike Ross (TEMBA 1989) our former president and Beckie Crawford (TEMBA 2013), our former secretary-treasurer. Their service and leadership has helped us make great strides over the past few years.

Ben Paulk and his son Carter at the 2016 A-Day Game at the University of Alabama.

While we have accomplished a lot, I feel that our network is only just beginning to fulfill its potential. I would urge everyone in the EMBA Alumni Network to get involved in any way that you can, whether it’s attending an event, contributing to the endowment, or just promoting the EMBA program to your colleagues.

We have many opportunities in the years ahead and you have elected some wonderful individuals who will carry on this important work. I look forward to working with the current Board as we build on the momentum we have created.

Roll Tide!

Benjamin Paulk (TEMBA 2012) served as President of the EMBA Alumni Network Board for 2016 and is currently serving as 2017 Past President on the board.

For more information on The University of Alabama EMBA Program, contact Cheryl Altemara at or call 205.348.4501.

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