EMBA Alumnus David Lyles Wins Woodruff Award

Professor Lyles teaching students in the MGT 341 Business Ethics class.

David Lyles, TEMBA alumnus, Class of 2012, won the Steve Woodruff Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award from the Culverhouse College of Commerce at The University of Alabama.

The Woodruff Award, presented on April 9, recognizes exemplary classroom teaching by an adjunct faculty member.

Lyles, County Transportation Manager for the Alabama Department of Transportation, is responsible for assisting with the management of projects (local county, city, industrial access, and transportation enhancement) within a six county area. As an adjunct professor of management at UA since 2012 he teaches students enrolled in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) path to the MBA program, as well as courses in Leadership and Ethics, and Business Ethics.

“I was deeply honored to receive the Steve Woodruff Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award, and to have it presented to me by Dr. Ron Dulek, who is so well-respected and taught me in EMBA, making it a double honor,” said Lyles. 

Lyles has been very active with the EMBA Program and EMBA Alumni Network since graduating in 2012. He resides in Tuscaloosa with his wife Lori and his daughter Alexa.

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UA EMBA Announces New Scholarships for Incoming Students

The Executive MBA Program at The University of Alabama is announcing two new scholarships for students beginning Fall 2017: The Diversity Award and the Civilian Women in Defense and Technology Award.

The Diversity Award will grant two scholarships of up to $15,000 in value to candidates representing diverse backgrounds.  Diversity can be exhibited through educational and professional experience, unique career goals, ethnicity and citizenship.

The Civilian Women in Defense and Technology Award will be given to two women enrolled in the EMBA Program.  The award recipients must be employed in the defense or technology industries. A recipient of the $10,000 CWDT scholarship must be a fully accepted student (minimum 3.0 GPA and five years of professional work experience) to the EMBA program and able to demonstrate financial need.

According to Cheryl Altemara, assistant director of the UA EMBA Program, “We are excited to increase our scholarship award offerings for EMBA students.” These awards join the existing Mitchell Scholarship, which is awarded to incoming students who present evidence of exceptional academic ability, substantial professional experience and can also demonstrate financial need.

“Our goal is to increase our enrollment, promote diverse backgrounds that bring different viewpoints into the classroom, challenge our students to broaden their viewpoints and to have them learn as much from each other as from their faculty.”

Application for these annual awards must be made by the stated deadline for each program. For deadlines for the TEMBA and HEMBA classes click here.  The award recipients are announced prior to orientation for each cohort.

For more information on these and other scholarships, click on the EMBA website or contact Cheryl Altemara at 205.348.4501.

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Get Involved 2017

ua-emba-alumni-get-involved-2017The University of Alabama’s Executive MBA Alumni Network is kicking off their Get Involved 2017 campaign. “We are encouraging our alumni to attend events, promote and recommend potential student, raise funds for the Brian Rankin EMBA Endowed Scholarship and to stay connected,” said President of the EMBA Alumni Network Russell Shamburger (TEMBA 2004). As a student, the EMBAs developed networks and forged friendships while they completed their M.B.A. degree. Having alumni stay involved and stay active with the EMBA Program is important in growing the value of their degree, bringing in high caliber students, and providing networking and educational opportunities.  Let’s do this, UA EMBAs, let’s Get Involved!

10 Ways to GET INVOLVED 2017

1. Join the UA EMBA Alumni Social Networks

  • Join LinkedIn Group at University of Alabama Executive MBA
  • Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/UAEMBA/
  • Follow us on Twitter @UA_ExecutiveMBA
  • ❤ and follow us on Instagram at uaemba

2. Stay updated and follow our blog at uaemba.com

3. Promote the EMBA

  • Refer a potential EMBA student
  • Attend an upcoming UA EMBA recruiting event
  • Host a recruiting event at your company

4. Wear with pride your UA EMBA apparel

Check out our new EMBA apparel portal at the UA SupeStore: https://supestoreua.myshopify.com/collections/executive-mba

5. Get Involved with the EMBA Program

  • Become a mentor to a new EMBA student

6. Get Involved with the EMBA Alumni Network

  • Volunteer to work on an EMBA alumni committee
  • Run for the UA EMBA Alumni Network Board
  • Attend an event
  • Participate in the EMBA Alumni Survey

7. Make a donation

  • Donate to the Brian A. Rankin EMBA Scholarship Fund
  • Take advantage of your firm’s or employer’s gift matching program

8. Inform the Manderson Graduate School Career Services Office about employment opportunities in your company

  • Hire a fellow alum. Let us know when you do.

9. Keep in touch

  • With faculty and staff
  • Email or call a classmate
  • Keep us updated with your contact information

10. Stop by the EMBA office – bring your family to campus. The EMBA office loves seeing alumni and their families! Roll Tide!

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendar – GET INVOLVED 2017

April 22 – Manderson Graduate School of Business A-Day Breakfast

October 5-6 – EMBA Alumni Network Annual Conference and Business Analytics Symposium

We are also busy planning a Family Day at Regions Field in Birmingham, Picnic in the Park in Huntsville, University of Alabama Baseball Day, Football Roll Tide Tailgate, as well as some city stops so please stay in touch and make plans to Get Involved 2017.

For more information on how you can get involved with the UA EMBA Alumni Network, contact the EMBA office at dblackburn@cba.ua.edu or call (205) 348.8748.

For more information on The University of Alabama Executive MBA Program click on emba.ua.edu or contact Cheryl Altemara at (205) 348-4501 or caltemara@cba.ua.edu.

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HEMBA Team Working to Bring Baseball Back to Huntsville

During last fall’s Project Management course, one of The University of Alabama Executive MBA teams struck on the idea to “Bring Baseball Back to Huntsville.” The “5 Guys” team, aka Colton Campbell, Daryl Evans, Eric Janssen, John Meshensky and Carl Vasilko, reached out to the Huntsville Mayor’s office for some insight and to gather additional information for their course project.


Team 5 Guys (L-R): Campbell, Evans, Janssen and Visilko

“We wanted to understand if the city was targeting any particular sites for a new ballpark as well as gauge their current level of interest,” said Daryl Evans, Vice President of Operations for TotalPrint and HEMBA 2018 Class President.

With the success of the Birmingham Barons and Regions Field, the team was excited about the possibility of having another franchise team back in Huntsville. The Mayor’s office was helpful and “they asked us to share with them what other information we were able to gather when we finished our project,” said Evans.

On December 21, the team met with Mayor Tommy Battle, District 2 Councilman Mark Russell and City Administrator John Hamilton.  During the meeting the HEMBA team walked them through their presentation and shared their assessment of the necessary details.  It was a great meeting.  “Currently there is not a real plan on the table to bring baseball back,” said Evans, “but I think we did our best to express the value we believe that a downtown entertainment/baseball complex could bring to the city of Huntsville.”

The MIS 511 Project Management course, taught by Jim Brown, requires each team in the class to present a work-related or community-based improvement project. They begin by presenting their project, the needs and the possible outcomes to the class. They work on their goals during the entire semester, finishing with a final presentation. Finally they request funding approval from the selection committee, who are their fellow classmates. In addition to bringing baseball back to Huntsville, other projects have included post-tornado rebuilding, community development, work process improvements, and new marketing initiatives.

For more information on The University of Alabama Executive MBA Program click on emba.ua.edu or contact Cheryl Altemara at (205) 348-4501 or caltemara@cba.ua.edu.

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Neptune Technology Partners with MIS Capstone in Developing an App

Eric Satterfield (HEMBA 2016) with the MIS Capstone team

Neptune Technology Group recently partnered with MIS Capstone at the University of Alabama to create an app for the company. The app will help homeowners monitor their water usage at any time, adding value to their relationship with Neptune Technology.

Neptune, located in Tallassee, AL, has installed over 25 million water meters in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Eric Satterfield is a business analyst with Neptune Technology and has worked with the company for almost six years.  Satterfield graduated from the Huntsville Executive MBA Program in May 2016. On December 1, MIS Capstone students presented their final plan to Neptune. We spoke with him about the collaboration with MIS Capstone and the goals of the app.

How did Neptune Technology decide to partner with MIS Capstone? 

Dr. Sox realized the MIS Capstone group had some additional bandwidth for projects and simply reached out to our engineering group here at Neptune.

What was the process like for developing the app?

Very collaborative. Ideas and suggestions were tossed back and forth to develop a high quality product.

What is the main goal of the app?

We want to be able to track a homeowner’s water usage and alert them to possible leaks.

Who do you think will benefit the most from the app?

The greatest benefit is that homeowners will be able to see their water usage on their mobile device.

“It was great working with the Capstone Team. The project consisted of the team working with an existing data model to build dashboards and KPIs based on our user requirements,” said Satterfield.

At the moment, the app is not available on the App Store, but Neptune is working hard to help its consumers get the most of their products, giving them many options and helping them save time, money and labor.

For more information on how your company can partner with The University of Alabama’s Manderson Graduate School of Business contact Connie Chambers, Director of Corporate Partnerships, at (205) 348-4503 or by email at cchamber@culverhouse.ua.edu.

For more information on the Executive MBA program and how it can benefit you and your company, contact Cheryl Altemara at (205) 348-4501 or caltemara@cba.ua.edu.


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Incoming TEMBA Class Celebrates Orientation with Disney Magic

img_2035 You kind of expect that there will be Big Al sightings and shouts of Roll Tide! and Go Bama! when the new EMBAs hit orientation on the campus of The University of Alabama, but this year the students were also greeted by the Disney Institute and some famous Disney characters.  The 33rd Tuscaloosa Executive MBA Class joined their fellow classmates, the Huntsville EMBA 2018 class, on the second day of orientation for Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence.

“Disney is one of the premier companies in the world for leadership and customer service,” said Dr. Brian Gray, Associate Dean of Manderson Graduate School, “and this is a great opportunity for our students to get an inside look on what makes them so successful and how they can apply what they do at their companies.”

TEMBA students enjoy opening night dinner in T-Town.

Students were exposed to firsthand principles that are at the core of Disney’s organizational strength: effective communication, successful organizational structures, sustaining momentum to achieve goals, day-to-day behaviors that make long-lasting impact on others and developing action steps to influence and develop individual leadership behaviors. Also, during the November 18 Disney Workshop everyone celebrated the birthday of Mickey Mouse, who turned 88 years old.

The day before the Disney Workshop, the TEMBA class enjoyed the traditional orientation activities. Twenty-six students began their 17-month journey to obtain their M.B.A. degree.  In addition to preparing the new students on how to navigate University logistics, orientation focuses on getting the students to know their classmates and teammates through various team building exercises including the EMBA Scavenger Hunt which has become a tradition. Another tradition is the welcome from the EMBA Alumni Network President Russell Shamburger (TEMBA 2004) at the orientation dinner.

Showing off their Heisman Pose during the TEMBA Orientation Scavenger Hunt.

Showing off their Heisman Pose during the TEMBA Orientation Scavenger Hunt.

This year’s Tuscaloosa class has an average age of 37, with 14 years of work experience and 8 years of management. Industries represented in this year’s cohort include automotive, finance, consulting, energy, manufacturing, construction, distribution,  retail, service, government, healthcare, food & beverage and technology.  Sixteen percent represent VP/C-level and professional positions and 23% has military experience (current active duty or retired service members).


The 2018 T-EMBA class members are:

  • Carolyn Berry, GE/Roper Corporation
  • Molly Louise Bray, AmerisourceBergen
  • Maren Cross, Daimler Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc.
  • Joseph Culbert, GE Appliances
  • Chris Derksen, Vulcan Materials Company
  • Christina Gordon, Druid City Hospital Health System
  • Matt Groves
  • Ben Johnson, Cahaba Government Benefit Administrators LLC
  • Dejarvas Kelly, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc.
  • Mitchell Loper, Raymond James
  • Jake Mankin, The University of Alabama
  • Jason McConnell, RSM US LLP
  • Felicia McKinney, The University of Alabama Supply Store
  • Chris Overstreet, Doster Construction Company, Inc.
  • Christian Patel, Alabama Power Company
  • Frank Pete, Horne LLP
  • Derrica Poole, FIS Global
  • Kevin Porter, TIAA
  • Bethany Roberts, Books-A-Million
  • Drew Rollins, Star Asset Security
  • Jenna Roney, Mississippi Power Company
  • Jason Sellars, The University of Alabama Office of Veteran Affairs
  • Jeff Stewart, Barings Capital Management
  • Justin Walker, Georgia-Pacific
  • Jermaine West, Dean Foods
  • Nora Woods, New Life Interfaith Ministries, Inc.

Congratulations and Roll Tide! to the Tuscaloosa EMBA Class of 2018.

UA Tuscaloosa EMBA Class of 2018

Check out more photos from the TEMBA orientation at the UAEMBA Facebook page.

For more information and to apply to the EMBA Program go to www.emba.ua.edu or contact Cheryl Altemara at caltemara@cba.ua.edu or call 205-348-4501.

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Incoming EMBA Alumni Network President Challenges Alumni to Participate and Grow EMBA

Gary Morrison (TEMBA 2014) and Russell Shamburger (TEMBA 2004) at 2016 EMBA Alumni Network Annual Conference

Greetings fellow EMBA alumni and current EMBA students. It is an honor to represent so many of you and continue to build on all the work that has been done since the Executive MBA Alumni Network Board was formed in 2013.  My first year on the board as Vice President was a great experience and I honestly don’t know where the time went. A special thanks to outgoing President Ben Paulk, Past President Mike Ross and Secretary-Treasurer Beckie Crawford for all the great work they did while serving on the board this past year.

The 2016-2017 Alumni Network Board will focus on three primary goals. The first is a challenge to our alumni to step up their participation in the EMBA Alumni Survey. In 2015 we had a response rate of 24%. In 2017 our goal is to double the response rate to at least 48%. The survey will be finalized in mid-2017 and more communication will follow.

Our second goal is to increase the reach of our alumni database. Staying well informed on all the activities that are going on with our program is very easy thanks to social media. The Executive MBA staff goes to great lengths to make this program a success. Let’s do our part by encouraging our classmates to maintain their contact information with the program. I will be reaching out to the class presidents and vice presidents in the very near future to help us reconnect with our alumni.

The last goal is one that we hope carries over into 2019, which coincides with the 100th Anniversary of the Culverhouse College of Commerce. With our graduating EMBA classes in 2016, the program has a total of 853 EMBA alums. If the program graduates an average of approximately 50 students over the next 3 years, we will reach the milestone of having 1000 alumni graduates. To make this a reality we need to encourage the best and brightest in our industries to pursue their continued education and development as a professional in the EMBA Program. Any alum referring someone who enrolls in the program will receive a special gift.

Another ongoing initiative that we will be working on is encouraging our alumni to fund the Brian A. Rankin Executive MBA Endowed Scholarship. This, our very first EMBA scholarship, will be used to assist students with necessary supplemental funds to aid them in funding their tuition and obtaining their degree. All of these goals are achievable and we thank you in advance for your commitment to the EMBA Program.

Our next event is the EMBA Alumni tailgate on Saturday, November 12th starting at 9am. Please RSVP as soon as you can and we look forward to seeing everyone at the tailgate. In closing, please feel free to reach out to any member of the board or Executive staff with any comments or feedback on how we can continue to make this EMBA Alumni Network board a success.

Roll Tide!

Russell Shamburger (TEMBA 2004), russell.shamburger@gmail.com

Russell Shamburger is President of the 2016-2017 EMBA Alumni Club Network Board, and Vice President/Senior Business Process Analyst with Cadence Bank in Birmingham.

For more information on the EMBA Program contact Cheryl Altemara at caltemara@cba.ua.edu or call 205.348.4501.

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